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COMING SOONTAAT Green – a minty hint of freshness you can enjoy with ZERO nicotine and ZERO tobacco. 

Our Green flavor gives you a similar taste to Marlboro Menthol, Newport and KOOL. 

At TAAT™, we give tobacco smokers the choice to leave nicotine behind while keeping the experience they love. Made from our proprietary Beyond Tobacco™ blend, TAATs are American made and engineered to provide smokers with the same smoking experience they are familiar with; tobacco flavor, scent and ritual with zero nicotine and zero tobacco.

Leave those addictive tobacco cigarettes behind with TAATs patented Beyond Tobacco proprietary plant-based alternative with 0% Nicotine and Tobacco. Feel the roll of the paper, hear it burn and smell that familiar scent, our sticks fulfill your smoking rituals.  

Our Original flavor TAAT sticks include all the same characteristics of conventional cigarettes including our own Beyond Tobacco filter, FSC branded paper with a bold taste that you have come to expect from a full-flavored cigarette. 

Each carton contains 10 packs of 20 king-size cigarettes.

TAATs contain up to 25 MG CBD potential per stick with less than 0.2% THC.  

We wanted to find a suitable alternative to tobacco material that had similar properties to tobacco. We found that hemp would work best, but, we knew that traditional smokers wouldn’t find the taste and smell of hemp appealing.

So, we developed a patent-pending process engineered to closely resemble the smoking experience by delivering a consistent quality product with uniform CBD content in the hemp filler that ends with a remarkably smooth smoking experience — a true alternative to tobacco without nicotine’s grip of addiction.

TAAT™ currently produces three versions: TAAT Red, TAAT Blue, and TAAT Green. We are an American innovation with TAATs made in America from plant-material grown by American farmers. This IS what freedom tastes like.



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