Agwa De Bolivia Coca Leaf Liqueur, 70cl

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70cl – 30% vol.

AGWA DE BOLIVIA is renowned as the only coca leaf liqueur in the world today.

The flavours of South America inspired the taste of AGWA, the crown jewel in our range of premium Bolivian coca leaf herbal liqueurs.

The dried, macerated coca leaves are steam distilled to produce an alcoholic extract with aromatic characteristics of the original plant.

The bittersweet coca leaf extract is at the heart of the AGWA flavour, complemented and enhanced by a select number of impressive ingredients.

Introducing Agwa de Bolivia (30% ABV), the finest coca leaf liqueur in the world. An award-winning herbal liqueur recipe containing 37 different herbs and botanicals which have been expertly blended to create AGWA’s unique taste. this versatile premium herbal liqueur can be enjoyed straight, as a long drink, or in cocktails. 



The ingredients that make up the base of the drink include:  

Bolivian coca leaf, Chinese Green tea, African mint, Guarana, Ginseng, lavender, cucumber & Argentinian Black mountain tea. 

Tasting notes  

“Almost fluorescent light green. very complex nose with herby, minty notes with dry tobacco, bay leaf, and a hint of eucalyptus. sweet in the mouth with a peppery sensation on the tongue. dry finish. the long-lasting peppery bite remains in the mouth.”  

David Wrigley BA MW chairman 
of technical Judging committee IWSC   


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    Agwa De Bolivia Coca Leaf Liqueur, 70cl

    Only 2 left in stock